The Year in Review: A Toast for Change
Champagne Toast

Champagne ToastIf you did not get a chance to read the blog, here is a recap of the posts entered in 2010 (they are listed in chronological order, with the first entry posted in March 2010). Take a moment to look through the list of entries and maybe one or a few of them will catch your attention. Perhaps you can use these posts to help shape new years’ resolutions and pave the path for change.

  1. “Through Our Children’s Eyes: How Fitness Shapes Positive Values.” This post reinforces how children view their parents’ health-related behaviors, and subsequently how they can develop their own healthy values (such as respect, persistence and commitment) by engaging in regularly scheduled fitness programs.
  2. “The Key to ‘Balance’: The Multi-Meaning Term and How to Find It.” Achieving balance requires mindful choices in life, such as learning to say “no” to others, living with optimism, and spending time with others who have positive energy.
  3. “The Beauty of a Woman: Ode to Mothers in the Month of May.” After interviewing 20 women and 20 men, common themes emerged about the essence of women’s beauty. See if the results are what you expected or if you are surprised.
  4. “The Heart of a Man: Finding Balance in Sensitivity.” This entry emphasizes that men can be quite sensitive with their significant others and family members by demonstrating a healthy balance of putting forth emotional effort toward important life issues.
  5. “Let Freedom Ring: Is That What We Really Want?” Leadership, responsibility and sacrifices are integral components for achieving freedom. Are you ready for it?
  6. “The Journey Ahead: Don’t Look Back.” Think about your life journey. Be aware that some of the greatest challenges help pave the path for a successful future.
  7. “Pulchritude, Fortitude and Gratitude.” The support and belief of a community can make dreams come alive, which is the essence of our success with the grand opening of our studio and office space.
  8. “Lessons Learned From the Beating of a Heart.” This entry is a real-life account of how adversity due to physical health can promote personal strength for both children and parents.
  9. “To Be Respected or To Be Liked: Which Would You Prefer?” This post challenges you to think about how you would like to be viewed by others and the reasons for your choice.
  10. “Seeking Fairness.” An excerpt from a book cites how personal limitations can be blessings in disguise.
  11. “The Art and Science of Letting Go: The Key to Weight Loss.” We know what to eat, but the challenge seems to lie in how we implement healthy eating.